When procedures have to be taken, do not wait... Acting quickly can prevent
many problems!

Tips & advice

  • When a contentious situation emerges, notifying the concerned parties without delay can avoid problems later on as well as assert and protect your rights. Servicing a letter or formal notice is a good way to achieve this by notifying the people involved.
  • To collect money that you are owed, prepare a letter explaining the amount claimed; we will then notify the concerned party. This is the first step required before the case ends in court; the dispute is often set at this point.
  • Once you have obtained judgment, we suggest you act quickly in order to satisfy the judgment as soon as possible.
  • Report the state of a place or an event either in writing, picture or video; it is good evidence in court.
  • The bailiff is recognized and designated to serve, execute or report and this, throughout Quebec.