A formal way of declaring
contentious situations

Certified reports

A formal way of declaring contentious situations, in which you find yourself. To protect your rights, you will then receive an official document attesting to the facts observed by our bailiffs.

« A bailiff certified report is a document that records a situation at a particular moment. The situation is based on one’s senses and is likely to disappear. The report can be used as evidence if a lawsuit is filed later on. Any person or company can ask a bailiff to write a certified report. The bailiff certified report is good evidence because it is made under oath (the professional oath of a bailiff) and written by a neutral person who doesn’t have a personal stake in the lawsuit. »

« In the event of dispute, the bailiff certified report is your best protection. The bailiff will give you a document called official verification report, illustrated with photographs if need be and other material of any sort. This will relate the facts objectively. »